Data in ScheldeMonitor

Data en metadata in ScheldeMonitor can be requested via the download toolbox and the data sheets. Analysis of the datasets are expressed in delineated data products and maps, or can be visualized interactively through the data analysis platform of ScheldeMonitor. 

Download Toolbox

All datasets in ScheldeMonitor can be accessed via the built-in toolbox of ScheldeMonitor. In this toolbox datasets can be searched for and filtered on the basis of several criteria. Subsequently, the data are freely available for downloading in CSV format or via webservices.

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Data sheets

The MONEOS monitoringsprogramma is an important contributor to the data collection of ScheldeMonitor. Data and metadata from this monitoring are described and thematically divided into a collection of data sheets. These data sheets are regularly updated by the data providers themselves. The name of each sheet provides more information about the monitoring.

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Data products & Apps

Derived products are made on a regular basis to make the datasets more useful for research and analysis. These could be plots and graphs but also fully developed applications. A link to these products is provided in the gallery of ScheldeMonitor.

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Spatial products

Several datasets are converted into GIS material to be able to interpret them spatially. These spatial products are available within ScheldeMonitor via the built-in Geoviewer. More information about this viewer can be found on the web page 'Maps in ScheldeMonitor'.

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Data providers

The data portal of ScheldeMonitor is fed by a large group of Flemish and Dutch data sources and providers. Following providers deliver data to ScheldeMonitor:

Instituut voor Natuur- en Bosonderzoek

Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut



Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij

Agentschap Maritieme dienstverlening & Kust - Afdeling Kust

Nederlands Instituut voor Ecologie


De Vlaamse Waterweg

Wageningen University & Research

Waterbouwkundig Laboratorium