O&M Data archive

Welcome to the internal page for the working group Research and Monitoring Scheldt Estuary (O&M). This virtual space provides a link to the Marine Data Archive, where reports, calendars and more can be stored and shared with other users within the working group.

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Access E-room

To get access to the O&M Data Archive a password and login are required. Depending on the position within the project, the password and login give access to and specific rights within the folder of Project Management and/or Projects and/or the O&M Archive.

New to the O&M working group or forgot your password? Send an e-mail to info@scheldemonitor.org or request an account on the Marine Data Archive itself.

Use E-room

The E-room is mainly used as data archive to archive and keep a clear overview of the supplied MONEOS data files.

  • O&M Archive: all monitoring data within the MONEOS program is archived here. It concerns several versions of data files: original files received from data providers and processed files supplied by contractors.
  • T2009 Archive: all files delivered and returned for the T2009 evaluation.
  • T2015 Archive: all files submitted in the context of T2015.

VNSC Cloud

Following domains are no longer stored on the Marine Data Archive but are collected on the VNSC Cloud:

  • Project Management: intended for the administrators within the O&M working group. All information and reports regarding consultations within the steering committee and core committee are stored here.
  • Projects: intended for everyone involved in the O&M project groups. Every project group has its own folder in which reports or notes of meetings and the interim or final reports of the various projects are kept. All administrative or informative documents can be stored and consulted here.