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The Scheldt is one of the busiest shipping rivers of Europe. The river is of high importance for both shipping to the port of Antwerp as well as for inland shipping. Recreational shipping on the Scheldt is not to be neglected either. The industrial areas and ports of Antwerp, Gent-Terneuzen and Vlissingen are the main drivers for shipping on the Scheldt. Every year thousands of ships pass by these ports.

Most of the research in the Netherlands and Flanders is policy supporting in nature, for example studies on nautical management or port expansion. Monitoring of the shipping on the Scheldt is mainly done by the Scheldt-radarchain, a system supported by the Flemisch and Dutch governments. On you can explore the world of shipping in the Wester Scheldt region. The site provides information on radar systems by means of Vessel Traffic Services, legislation and procedures.