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Monitoring program MONEOS

MONEOS is organised in such a way that it conforms to policy goals on the one hand, and offers insights in the ecosystem functioning of the Scheldt estuary and effects of certain measures on the system. The program builds on existing expertise and aims for cross-border and multidisciplinary integration. In 2008 a first proposal for a monitoring program was published Meire, P.; Maris, T. (2008). In this document existing monitoring activities and various policies are combined into a solid proposal. The monitoring activities and measurement data are closely observed by the Project Group Monitoring and Data Management. Within the PG M&D  all changes to the program such as extra sampling as well as the adaptations of the measurement techniques between Flanders and the Netherlands are discussed. The Flanders Marine Institute supports this PG M&D by centralising all MONEOS data and facilitate the data transfer towards contractors & scientist.

The MONEOS program is described in a Metadata overview .The information is updated by the data providers on a regular basis. Yearly monitoring activities and results are described in Data Reports

The metadata uses a code, explained underneath:

O  =  monitoring in Research areas
S  =  System monitoring
P  =  Project monitoring
NL  =  Dutch monitoring
VL  =  Flemish monitoring