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The Species Register for the scheldt is a start to a full specieslist of organisms living in and around the Schelde Estuary, i.e. the Scheldt river and all surrounding intertidal areas. This initial list was made through merging the reference matrix (made by experts of the T2009 consortium), the MONEOS archive and the ScheldeMonitor Dataportal (measurements of the MONEOS program), literature in the ScheldeMonitor Information System, EuroBIS and the Landelijke Vegetatiebank.

THe species can be marine, brackish, freshwater or terrestrial, but were seen within the boundaries of the tidal Scheldt. This list is an initial list, that is looking for completeness to become a reference list of species that are observed in the Scheldt basin. At this moment, this list does not contain much plants. this list is still in revision and will be updated soon.



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The VLIZ ScheldeMonitor team maintains this register, but is aware that it may be incomplete and may contain errors. ScheldeMonitor can not be held responsible for errors or misuse of the data in the register.