Data | Scheldemonitor

ScheldeMonitor gives access to measurement data from various sources, including continuous and periodical measurement data, as well as other derived data products and GIS information.

An important contribution to the portal is provided by the Research and Monitoring Work Group (O&M) of the Flemish-Dutch Scheldt Commission (VNSC). The ScheldeMonitor data portal is the central portal for all data collected within MONEOS. As such, the portal can be used as an instrument for planned evaluations of the Scheldt estuary. More details on MONEOS can be found in these Data Sheets by the Project Group Monitoring and Data Management. 

The Download Toolbox provides fast downloads of data sets. If access to the data is restricted, you can request it. Most of the restricted data can be made available for research. At the moment, the Toolbox offers downloads of biotic and abiotic data stemming from periodical sampling campaigns. In the future, information from continuous measurements will also be made available.

You can request different GIS layers and visualize measurement locations by using the map viewer.